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First off I want to say thanks for trusting me with your email address.

I know there are heaps of people out there who force you to opt in to their email subscriptions and then bombard you with spam.

This is not one of those lists and I’ll prove it to you over the next couple days.

Your copy of the reactivity report should be in your inbox by now… but first I want to go over a few things. 

Over the next few days I’m going to be sending you more emails.


Here’s just some of what you’ll learn: 

- How I got a long-time reactive and dog aggressive former guard dog to coexist peacefully with other dogs (I will show you proof of how this worked for me.) 

- Socializing puppies and preventing reactivity before it even starts. (Ie. the “leash reactivity” myth) 

- Virtual dog training: the bad, the ugly and the even worse.

I’m excited to share that content with you. And like I said before, I promise it’s different than other stuff you’ve heard.

And don’t worry…those emails won’t be as long as the report, I just wanted to be clear about what to expect so we’re on the same page.

Talk soon,


P.S. If you have any questions about what you read in the report, DM, PM, text message or whatever me. I would be happy to chat with you.

P.P.S I know how stressful having a reactive dog can be. It can start becoming a nightmare. You start to get afraid to take them outside. You spend more time hiding from and stressing about dogs and the things that make your dog go crazy than actually enjoying your walks. Your neighbours don't understand and make uncomfortable comments and it's so embarrassing. You might not even be able to leave your dog to take a trip because you worry how they will do with a sitter. I bet you can feel the knots in your stomach just reading this. If you are dealing with this and feeling this way... don't hesitate to text me right now. This is my private cell phone number (613-304-5920). I will see it and respond right away to see how I can help you as fast as possible. If I see a text from you I will know you are serious and need help and I will get right back to you.

Reactivity Rehab that Transforms Dogs' Lives

11 Month Old GSD - Severe dog reactivity, reactivity to bikes and joggers, basic obedience and recall
8 Year old Village Dog from Costa Rica - Dog reactivity, car chasing, basic obedience and recall
1 Year Old Blind Dutch Shepherd - Human and dog reactivity and aggression, handler aggression and redirection, basic obedience and recall
“Vivian has helped us with our cute pup (Hayley) from the very beginning. She has taught her many things.  Most of all to have some manners. She was such an excitable dog, now she is able to greet people with some composure and patience, even though she is still so happy to see you. We are thankful for Vivian’s help and patience. We would have been so frustrated without her guidance."

Sue, Bernadoodle Owner

Are you also struggling with...?

What is the Training Without Conflict® training approach?

"Training Without Conflict® is a dog friendly system that thrives on social interaction instead of escape/avoidance responses. Ivan and the Training Without Conflict® support team are on a mission to change the way dog owners view dog training and the way they interact with their dogs."

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