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How I Eliminated Leash Pulling And Reactivity By Abandoning Popular Dog Training Methods And Unlocking The True Potential Of Dogs By Working With Their Genetics...  

Finally Real Help For Frustrated, Struggling and Embarrassed Dog Owners With  "Reactive" Leash Pulling, Barking and Lunging Dogs

Without months and months (or even YEARS) giving them treats... hiding from dogs... and still getting NO RESULTS. 

The secret is tapping into your dogs genetics and using their POWERFUL innate instincts to control and guide them. 

My name is Vivian Maganas and I am a professional dog trainer certified by 2X world IGP champion Ivan Balabanov.

If you qualify... I will make it EASY FOR YOU ... because...  I will do it all for you... then show you how to keep it... so you can finally walk you dog without fear of them constantly going bonkers... and have the enjoyable life with your dog you've always wanted.
Here are a couple videos for you to watch and see REAL PROOF how I have helped out of control dogs go from frustrated and struggling to happy and having fun.  

If you are ready to FINALY end the madness and enjoy your dog and life again... then click here to submit a training application and see if you quality. 

If you want more information about me and what I can do for you... continue reading below the videos...

Reactivity Rehab that Transforms Dogs' Lives

11 Month Old GSD - Severe dog reactivity, reactivity to bikes and joggers, basic obedience and recall
8 Year old Village Dog from Costa Rica - Dog reactivity, car chasing, basic obedience and recall
1 Year Old Blind Dutch Shepherd - Human and dog reactivity and aggression, handler aggression and redirection, basic obedience and recall


Vivian Maganas Professional Dog Trainer

You Love Your Dog 

That's why choosing the right dog trainer is a VERY BIG DEAL.  Dog trainers do not have to be certified.  In fact, anyone can legally call themselves a professional dog trainer.  Here's how to make the right choice... 

Vivian Maganas Is The ONLY Dog Trainer In Ottawa Certified By 2X IGP World Champion Ivan Balabanov

You’re probably checking me out because you have a problem with your dog.


Maybe pulling on the leash and going crazy when they see other dogs, people, cats, squirrels etc.


Chasing cars, digging holes or constantly barking.


Jumping on people or maybe wanting to eat the mailman.


Destroying things in the house like chewing the walls, couch etc.


Don’t come when called.  


Or don’t listen to you… period.  


Maybe even aggression.


Whatever it is… we’ll get to all that in just a moment.


First I want to tell you why you should listen to me.


The first reason is I am actually

a certified dog trainer.


And I am not just certified by some random course.  


I am certified by arguably the best dog trainer in the word, Ivan Balabanov.


Ivan is a 16X national and 2X world IGP champion.


Not only I am I the first and ONLY trainer certified by Ivan in Ottawa, I continue to spend as much time as I can learning from him and his other high level certified trainers who are working miracles with the toughest dogs out there.


Ivan has discovered and mastered revolutionary dog training concepts that are only known and understood by a very small handful of trainers in the world.

Here is that list where you can verify my certification:


And here is Ivan's website:

I’m saying all this

because who you choose 

to train your dog


Your dog is a member of your family.


I’m sure you love your dog more than words can describe.


I know I love my dogs like that. And I completely understand.


Dogs are my life and I will do anything for them.

This is why you should NEVER hire a trainer unless you are 100% certain they will always love your dog and do what’s best for them.

And they will work with them in a way that always puts the emotions of the dog first.


You see, it’s easy to get a dog to do things.


Any trainer with half a clue can make dogs do things.


What’s unique is having the ability to do it in a way that the dog absolutely loves doing these things with you and for you.


What’s most important is how your dog feels while being trained and doing things with you.


That’s why the method I use trains directly through playing games.


But please understand this...

These are not just any games.


Many trainers now claim to "train with play" and with games.


It's actually become a very common buzzword in dog training.


Make no mistake about it - These are very unique and special games (invented and developed by Ivan Balabanov) that tap into your dogs genetics and builds their confidence as they learn vital skills and rock-solid real world obedience.


That’s why I can get dogs to listen… no matter what.

And the dogs LOVE

what they are doing

If you watch my videos, you will see I have countless examples of this.


Talk is cheap.  


It is far to easy these days to put on a smoke and mirror show on social media.

I believe in showing an overwhelming

abundance of REAL proof.

That’s why I show dogs of all sorts with a variety of problems like car chasing and reactivity, now off leash living their best lives while being 100% under control.


I show Malinois, German Shepherds, Doodles, Dutch Shepherds, Village dogs, Japanese Akitainu, Corso, mixes of all shapes and sizes and on and on.  

Most important… they are not just under control… they are extremely HAPPY and having the best time of their life.

Most people don’t own dogs as bad as some of the ones I have trained for rescues and owners that I show on some of those videos above. Especially the really reactive ones.


But, if I can do what I have done with these "seriously reactive" dogs, imagine what I can do with yours.


The bottom line is: most dogs are easy for me. 


But here’s the part most

trainers get wrong.

They train the dog for them.


So, the dog looks great with them.


But it falls apart for the owner.


In the end, if the dog is not under control and happy for YOU… this is all worthless.


That’s why I make sure everything I do

is based on training the dog for YOU.


The first thing I do is evaluate the dog and find out what makes them tick.


What genetics they have that makes them love to do certain things and not like or hate to do others.


Some of these instincts are seen as bad behavior.


Like excessive barking, chasing prey, chasing cars, digging holes etc.

In reality, these "bad behaviors" are just natural instincts the dog is born with and actually need to come out.


That's why instead of just suppressing these behaviors and making an unhappy and often times neurotic dog, I will tap into their instincts and...


Control And Guide Them


I will focus and funnel them into constructive things like the special games we play.


I take these things that are the most naturally rewarding for your dogs and attach them to things you do with your dog.


When this happens, the things you do with your dog become self-reinforcing.


In other words, the dog absolutely loves to do these things with you and there is no need for external reinforcers like food.


The activity you are doing with your dog is the reward.


This also gives your dog a purpose in life.  


And that purpose is something you and your dog share.

If you only take ONE THING away from reading this, please let it be this...

Life without a purpose (for you or your dog) is not only frustrating... it is meaningless.


If you do not have a purpose, just getting out of bed in the morning can be a very daunting task.


You may have experienced that horrible feeling when the alarm clock goes off early in the morning. 


I know I used to, before I found my purpose.


Anyway, a lot of dog trainers say to give your dog a "job."


Well, how do you like your "job?"


If you are like most, you hate it.


Unless you are doing something you love that gives your life a clear PURPOSE.

Purpose is the key

That's why we must give you dog a PURPOSE.


Even better... we must give you and your dog a PURPOSE TOGETHER.


This will not only change your dogs live, it will change yours.


I can't give you a job that you love and gives your live a wonderful purpose.


But I absolutely can do that for your dog.  


And best of all, I can give YOU that shared purpose with your dog.


Make no mistake about it - this is not just about your dog.  This will change your life, too.


This is the ultimate

in dog training.

And the ultimate in relationship with your dog.


Your dog doing things with you… and listening to you… because they 100% love doing that more than anything else in the world... is so special.


You and your dog doing things TOGETHER that fulfills your shared PURPOSE is the closest thing to magic I know.


This is what all dog training and dog ownership should strive to become.


This is an amazing partnership

that is on another level

It really is a very different and unique approach that gets results even when everything else has failed.  


And make no mistake about it...


It gets a very different

kind of results.


You end up with such a happy dog that loves doing things with you as opposed to being manipulated or even forced.


And let's be clear about this.


Because this is a very common misunderstanding in the dog training world.


Getting your dog to do something

for food is manipulation

They are doing something because they are hungry and want to eat.


If they don't do what you are asking, they don't get that piece of food or treat.




So if they don't do it, they don't eat. 


That's the way most trainers train.


Well, that is clearly manipulation.  And it is manipulation BY FORCE.  Just a different kind of force.


Wouldn't it be better to get them doing things with you simply because they love doing those things and being with you and it gave both of you an amazing purpose in life?

Wouldn't it be better to finally end all the struggle, frustration and embarrassment... and start spending your time loving and having fun with your dog instead?


It Looks Like You Have THREE Choices

First is to do nothing.


This means continue doing what you are doing... and keep living with the problems.


But how long can you do that?


How long you you really want to keep going like this?


And what if it gets worse?


I can tell you from years of experience... dog behaviour problems don't suddenly get better by themselves... they most often get worse.


And let me ask you this...

What's one of the biggest reasons people give up their dogs and they end up on death row in shelters?


It's because they couldn't handle the dog and it's bad behavior.


Listen... most people are not monsters that just walk away from dogs they love.


Not even close.


They are good people that got a dog they couldn't handle and things just got too much for them.


It breaks their hearts... and... dogs end up dying because of it.


People post online daily about needing to rehome their dogs simply because they don't know what else to do.


Unfortunately, many of these dogs end up in shelters because no one else can take on these dogs and their issues either.


Some of these dogs even get put to sleep because the rescues can't deal with them or their problem behaviours.

It's the worst gut wrenching feeling in the world... and I have lived it too many times through emotionally DESTROYED owners.

I want to make this crystal clear... 

It's was NOT their fault.


And it's NOT your fault, either.


I don't EVER want that to happen to anyone else... when it doesn't have to.


I don't want it to happen to you.


Simply taking action and submitting a training application with me can erase this from the options.

Second option is to try to figure all this out for yourself.

This is equally as bad as the "do nothing" option.


I have spent years training dogs of all sorts and with all sorts of problems... and have spent tonnes of my time studying from the best trainers in the world to learn this craft.


If you think you can find... understand... and apply all this information... then be my guest.

But I will bluntly say... this fatal miscalculation about what this takes to succeed is sacrificing not only your dogs happiness... but your own.


And the third option... you can submit a training application and find out how to end your frustration and struggling the best possible way... once and for all.

After we talk... you will breathe a big sigh of relief finally having the answers for what's going on and a REAL plan to solve your problems.

You will know EXACLY what your next step should be.

Owners have told me how relieved they were after they spoke with me... it was like I lifted a 1,000lbs weight off their shoulders.


Knowing and finally having answers and a real plan is priceless and a tremendous (and instant) relief.  

So... if you would like to choose option THREE... and finally get the real and honest answers you are looking for... click here and submit a training application.

And I need to make sure you understand this...

If I accept to train your dog, you get me.


I will be training your dog, not someone I just hired with no experience.


And I am busy.


If you call, there's a 99% chance I will not answer. 


That's why you need to submit a training application first before we can speak.

But if you submit that application, you will get a personal response from me and not someone else.

Like I said, I train every dog personally and therefore do not accept many dogs.

So space is limited.


If you want to see what your best options are for you and your dog, submit the application form to get started. 

If you need more information and want to see more videos etc… click one of the topics below.

Click here to submit a training application with me and we will discuss your dog and what you want and I will tell you what your best options are.

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