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Do you have a flight risk?

Do you have a dog that you know needs to run off leash but can't be trusted because they won't come when called?

Have they lost their off leash privileges because at one point they were good off leash but recently totally took off and wouldn't come back?

There are few things more frustrating than calling your usually clingy and obedient dog and having them give you that look.

The "if you want me, come catch me" look.

As playful and comical as it may seem in the moment, it's unfortunately a very dangerous, frequently deadly, game to play.


Numerous dogs go missing, get hit by cars, attacked by wild animals, and so much more, because they don't come when their owners call them.

There is no shortage of information and tips and tricks on how to teach this seemingly simple command.

If you're still reading this, there's a good chance you've already invested time and energy into a variety of methods.

Do you have a solid recall in your home? Backyard? Public trails and parks? 

Has a trainer taught you recall using an e-collar? Using food rewards?

Does your dog STILL fail to come when a squirrel comes into the picture? Another dog? A person? Other competing reinforcers?

Hope is not lost.


Your dog can be taught to come RELIABLY on command.

Even around things that compete for their attention.

Contact me today to see how you can get off leash freedom for your dog.


3271 River Rock Ave, Ottawa Ontario


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