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"What have I gotten myself into?"

I know the feeling. 

The adorable, fluffy, comical new family member you picked up has taken over your life.

Potty accidents, screaming at night, chewing everything and anything. And all sorts of other issues you had no idea you'd be reading up on. 

And we haven't even mentioned obedience training yet.

With an over-abundance of information on each of these topics, it can be hard to know where to start. 

"Do something wrong," people will tell you, "and you'll be dealing with the fallout for the rest of your dog's life."

While this is an important time in your dog's life, far too many people rush to cram in everything they see everyone else doing on social media. 

Puppy play dates, trips to stores, food luring to get sits, downs, stands... 

People create a checklist in their heads of what the puppy needs to do and experience... without really figuring out WHO that puppy is.


Far more important is building up your puppy and building up their trust in YOU

Once you have that, YOU can help your puppy conquer their environment, and work through other issues that may come your way.


Want to know how to build this solid foundation?


Get in contact today to start your puppy on the right path.  


3271 River Rock Ave, Ottawa Ontario


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