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Does your dog only tune you in when you have something they want, say, a treat?

Has your dog been to puppy class, advanced puppy class, novice obedience class, intermediate obedience class, advanced obedience class ... get the point...


but still needs prompting and begging to sit/down/heel/stay on command?

Or how about the dog that is near-perfect.


Absolute angel 99% of the time "exceeeept when..."?

"He sees another dog."

"She doesn't want to get back into the car."

"If there's food on the counter."


Insert whatever your dog's kryptonite might be.

A lot of training programs, books and similar resources approach your dog like a little input / output machine. 

We can even say, a robot.

Give the dog a command, help the dog to do the command, dog gets the reward. A pet. Praise. Etc... Repeat until the dog doesn't need help.

There is a lot more to this picture. A LOT.

By not giving you the skills to train your dog as an intelligent and emotional creature, they have unfortunately set you up to fail.

But once you figure out how YOUR dog learns best... 

... not a generic dog robot ...


... getting solid, dependable, consistent obedience becomes very easy.

I can help you figure out how to teach your dog in a way they LOVE and get the obedience you need for an enjoyable life together.

Contact me today so we can discuss how.


3271 River Rock Ave, Ottawa Ontario


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