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One of the biggest limitations we as owners have is not being able to tell our dog "Don't worry, it's going to be ok."

Seeing your friend and family member shut down and become a shadow of themselves when they are completely safe and you are trying to comfort them is extremely painful, to say the least.

Whether you are one of the many families who got a "pandemic puppy," or you adopted a rescue with an unknown story, your fearful dog is not a lost cause.

Many well-meaning friends and trainers will either recommend shielding your dog from the big bad world completely, or throwing him or her in the deep end to "work through it."

Both of these approaches are HUGE mistakes.

The number one thing a fearful dog needs is CONFIDENCE

Confidence in themselves and in YOU.

There's plenty of suggestions about how to do this on social media.

But these are not suggestions for YOU and YOUR dog.


Using trial and error to see what works for a fragile dog is a very bad idea and can quickly cause your relationship with your dog to go downhill.

I can help you figure out what your dog needs so they can be comfortable in their own skin.

Get in contact today to start the process.  

Case: Fearful Bernadoodle


3271 River Rock Ave, Ottawa Ontario


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