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How much is having a reactive dog costing you?

Even... financially?

While no dog is a bad dog...

Dealing with a dog's big feelings, out of place behaviours or deeply rooted reactive habits can result in massive lifestyle changes.

Heck, it can feel like a full time job sometimes.


At the very least it can feel a little embarrassing.

Your dog is not a lost cause.

And you being here proves that you haven't given up.

There are three types of reactive dog owners...

The first are the ostriches. 

They have their head in the sand about the issues their dog is having and just keep managing it until things get so bad they stop taking their dog out or rehome their dog.

The second are the dabblers.

They know they have an issue and try this technique and that technique... maybe even sign up for some group classes or an online reactivity program... but ultimately still deal with the issue for years. They like dog training theory but ultimately aren't driven to take big steps to improve their dog's life and get them OUT of the vicious cycle of STRESS and ERUPTION.

The third are the searchers.

They are desperate to find help and care about the results that training will have for their dog. They want their dog to be able to enjoy being a dog again.

If you are the third type of owner then this information is for you.

If you are not... then please do not submit your email below and consider unsubscribing if you have entered it already.

Since you are still reading this...

... it sounds like this isn't your first rodeo and you are the third type of owner...

Some of you have already paid for group classes. 

Maybe you've paid thousands of dollars over the years for training help.

For a handful, this is the first time you've looked into anything like this and you don't know what to expect.

So what's next?

Regardless of your training history, I'm sure this report will inspire you to keep developing your relationship with your dog.

And have a game plan for how to avoid unintentionally making your dog's reactivity WORSE.

To take advantage of this limited time opportunity, subscribe below so you can get this free reactivity report, updates, event news as well as other free resources down the road.

P.S. If you have any questions.. shoot me a message!

P.P.S. A happier life for your dog is not far away.


Reactivity Rehab that Transforms Dogs' Lives

11 Month Old GSD - Severe dog reactivity, reactivity to bikes and joggers, basic obedience and recall
8 Year old Village Dog from Costa Rica - Dog reactivity, car chasing, basic obedience and recall
1 Year Old Blind Dutch Shepherd - Human and dog reactivity and aggression, handler aggression and redirection, basic obedience and recall
“Vivian has helped us with our cute pup (Hayley) from the very beginning. She has taught her many things.  Most of all to have some manners. She was such an excitable dog, now she is able to greet people with some composure and patience, even though she is still so happy to see you. We are thankful for Vivian’s help and patience. We would have been so frustrated without her guidance."

Sue, Bernadoodle Owner

What is the Training Without Conflict® training approach?

"Training Without Conflict® is a dog friendly system that thrives on social interaction instead of escape/avoidance responses. Ivan and the Training Without Conflict® support team are on a mission to change the way dog owners view dog training and the way they interact with their dogs."

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