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Ottawa's only certified play-centric dog trainer

Elevate your training to the next level with a proven training approach your dog will LOVE...

...that will get the results you need for YOU and YOUR environment.


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Real results so your dog is trained for YOU.

I reached out to Vivian with a list of things I wanted to accomplish with my Cane Corso puppy; from loose leash walking, basic commands, and off leash recall. The first thing that got me intrigued was her use of play vs typical food as a form of motivation to reach desired behaviours.

After our first lesson, I knew Fury and I were in amazing hands! He has excelled in every task thrown his way, and as we continue to work with Vivian I know he will continue to excel.

I would recommend Vivian to anyone who is looking to build a healthier and stronger bond with their dog!
Vivian with her personal dogs Chai and Punch


Vivian Maganas is the owner of Dacapo Dog Club, located in Ottawa, Ontario. Since she was a child, even before getting her first dog, she was keenly interested in dog training and dog behaviour. Shifting from dog training TV shows and books to hands-on experience as she got older, she reached out for a variety of opportunities to work with dogs in diverse settings. The highlight of her lifelong learning journey, however, has been achieving certification as a Training Without Conflict trainer under world renowned trainer and IGP world champion Ivan Balabanov. Offering a variety of training services suited for every dog, her company is founded on the mission to bring fun and respect back to our interactions with our favourite four-legged companions.


3271 River Rock Ave, Ottawa Ontario


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