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You've been accepted into the meetup!
Now are you ready to get training?

Dive in to world-class dog training concepts used by the best sport, working and professional canine handlers to see improvement that doesn't take months and years - for FREE.

While no dog is a bad dog...

Dealing with a dog's big feelings, out of place behaviours or deeply rooted inappropriate habits can result in massive lifestyle changes.

Heck, it can feel like a full time job sometimes.


At the very least it can feel a little embarrassing.

Your dog is not a lost cause.

And you being here proves that you haven't given up.

You may be an owner who has signed up for a new opportunity to flex your skills.

New sights, new sounds and new distractions.


Your dog is with you ... say ... 95% of the time but you want to get that to closer to 100.

You can sense holes in your relationship but need help figuring them out.

From what it sounds like...

... this isn't the first rodeo for most of you...

Some of you have already paid for group classes. 

Maybe you've paid thousands of dollars over the years for training help.

And for a handful, this is the first time you've tried anything like this and you don't know what to expect.

So what's next?

Regardless of your training history, I'm sure you will walk away from these next four sessions inspired to keep developing your relationship with your dog.

And have a game plan for how to take things to the next step with them.

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You will then get directed to a video with needed information ahead of our sessions. Please watch it!!!

PS. If you have any questions.. shoot me a message!

PPS. Hope you are getting pumped for our first session. I know I am!


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“Vivian has helped us with our cute pup (Hayley) from the very beginning. She has taught her many things.  Most of all to have some manners. She was such an excitable dog, now she is able to greet people with some composure and patience, even though she is still so happy to see you. We are thankful for Vivian’s help and patience. We would have been so frustrated without her guidance."

Sue, Bernadoodle Owner

What is the Training Without Conflict® training approach?

"Training Without Conflict® is a dog friendly system that thrives on social interaction instead of escape/avoidance responses. Ivan and the Training Without Conflict® support team are on a mission to change the way dog owners view dog training and the way they interact with their dogs."

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